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Princess Lymari is coming to ICCON2 / SCCC

Space Coast Comic Con – September 09, 10 & 11, 2016
301 Tucker Ln, Cocoa, FL 32926

Princess Lymari at Space Coast Comic Con

Princess Lymari at Space Coast Comic Con
Princess Lymari at Space Coast Comic Con

ICCON 2 is very proud to announce that Lymari Torres will be attending ICCON 2! Ms. Torres is a very popular and well respected cosplayer in the local scene. Featured as a judge and speaker at many big conventions, she does a multitude of events in the cosplay arena! Ms. Torres is often one of the most requested return cosplayers at any number of number of events. Showing off amazing costumes each time she is One of the friendliest and most delightful cosplayers in the industry. Ms. Torres has been featured in cosplay articles, web interviews to, photoshoots to various cosplay magazines and more!. She and Mr. Torres attend a lot of conventions and promote positivity everywhere! From DragonCon to Bartow SY FI Event to Megacon she is very well known. Her booth will have quite a few photographers there, THIS IS YOUR chance to meet her at ICCON2! She has TONS of fans! Here is a little bit about her. LYMARI:
Princess Lymari is a Cosplayer born in Puerto Rico. She started Cosplaying onl 2006 when she went to Atlanta’s Dragoncon. For Dragoncon, Lymari debut her first costume as Slave Leia from Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi in 2006, that’s the reason why she was given the Princess Lymari’s nickname because that was her fist costume at a convention.
The first costume that she ever created herself was Supergirl. She has made plenty of costumes throughout the years that she’s been cosplaying. Some of her favorite cosplays that she enjoys are Slave Leia and Cobra Fem Tropper. Most of her made costumes that she’s done are Faye Valentine, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mara Jade(Arica), Barbarella, Emma Frost(White Queen) and so many more.
She’s very outgoing and loves meeting her fans that follow her. If you would like to follow her and where she goes you can add her personal page at Facebook and you can also like her fan page at Princess Lymarie

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